Unable to open links within eM Client

I am currently running version 7.2.36908. (the newest version available) and I am unable to open any links from within an email. I see from posts from about 3 weeks ago that this was supposed to be resolved in newer versions of the software. The fix is not going to be in the 7.2.37472  release (per Gary Curtin) and is supposed to be in an upcoming version. What is the ETA on the fix?

Hi Joseph. Is the the issue where the following pop-up appears:

Hi Gary. I do not receive any error messages. FYI I am using Brave as my default browser.

Maybe not the same issue then. The one I mentioned above is sort of fixed, but I noticed in 7.2.37659 that it comes and goes.

It should not make any difference which browser you are using, as long as a default browser is specified in your OS settings. Maybe select a different browser as default and see if there is any difference.

You mention version 7.2.37659. I just installed version 7.2.36908 last week (I am new to eM Client) and when I check for an update within the client I am told that there isn’t a newer version. So what is the most recent version available and where can I find it if it’s different from what I am using.

I will try another browser to see.

Yes, 7.2.36908 is the current release version. 

7.2.37472 was published by mistake, and then withdrawn.

Some users occasionally get internal version updates, and some updates on the Release History are not pushed to all users at once.

Pro License users can also select to get “testing” updates, which is what I get.

Confused yet? :wink:

Not at all. I worked in IT for over 30 years so I understand how these things work. Thanks for your help. I guess i’ll see what happens when the new version is released.