Unable to Open Attachments

I have, for years, received a weekly email from my employer which always has a PDF attachment that requires a password to open.
Up until a couple of months ago, it all worked fine but now, it is impossible to even get the password box to display let alone open.
I feel that this is an issue with eMClient, as I can forward the email and attachment to a GMail account and it all opens up fine.
I am thinking there may have been some sort of update that changed some settings but I do not know which.
I can see that under Settings>Mail>Attachments that OneDrive is listed but there are no actions defined for this and there is no way to add any in.
If anyone can help, I would be most appreciative.

That sounds like a possible pdf association problem in the computer, as eM Client uses whatever pdf viewer the OS has associated in it to properly open attachments locally.

I would suggest to uninstall and reinstall your pdf viewer and then reboot your computer. Also check you are using the latest version of your pdf reader as might also be an outdated version.

Also even test another pdf viewer and set that as the default in the OS to see if that even works with eM Client. Remember to reboot inbetween.

Failing that what version of eM Client do you have and do you have Windows or Mac.

Excellent suggestions, cyberzork.
I did not associate Adobe Acrobat with the document at the time, even though “.pdf” should have given that away, mainly because the document I receive does not look like any Acrobat document I have ever used before. My bad.
I did check to make sure that Windows (21H2, OS 19044.2006) and eMClient (8.2.1473 (04b618f)) were up-to-date. Adobe says there are no available updates BUT I did a “repair” on it and now it seems to work ok.
The test will be next week when I receive the next set of documents, because it usually only is difficult to open on the day of receipt. It seems to fix itself a day or two later.
If I still have problems, I will follow your suggestions as to deleting and re-installing or trying another application.
Many thanks for your help.

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