Unable to login to 2nd gmail account


I’m not able to add any additional gmail accounts to eM Client.

When setting up the second gmail account, I get the gmail logon page, I enter the user name and password and click on “Sign In” but nothing happens.  If I enter an incorrect password I get “The email or password entered is incorrect” which is expected.  When I enter the correct password nothing happens, the page does not refresh and no error message is displayed.  I’ve tried with different gmail accounts but nothing works.

I can add other pop3 accounts no problem.


Hi Pierre,
have you tried manual setup through the New Account > Mail > Gmail or just the Automatic setup?

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I started from an outlook import which didn’t work (the account was imported but I could not authenticate!).  Then I deleted the account from eM and recreated it through Automatic Setup and manual Mail > Gmail with the same result.  I managed to get it working by creating the account using the “other” and manually entering the server info but that does not sync my contacts/calendar…

Yes, the other option cant be set up for contacts and calendar.
Do the automatic and manual set up cause any pop-ups at all? Even blank ones? Errors?

I’m getting the gmail login popup where I enter my user name and password.  I can click in “Sign In” and that’s it, nothing happens.

Can you take a screenshot for me? (blurr out any personal information of course)

Unfortunately I uninstalled eM client and after reinstalling I can no longer import any accounts from my outlook.  http://grabilla.com/05a13-42c471da-b090-4376-a9e3-e6f3b578343b.html#

Now with a fresh eM Client install and no account setup, I get the same problem with my gmail account: http://grabilla.com/05a13-cbe63eef-baf5-47a3-be37-6cf5a0807fdb.html#.  I click on “Sign In” and nothing happens.

Hi Pierre,
the error with importing from PST is actually a known issue at the moment, but I can’t offer you any solution right now.
As for the gmail account, nothing happens? The “next” option doesnt become available? Are you using 2-step verification on your google account that could be blocking it? Are you able to login to your gmails through Internet Explorer?

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I’m not using 2-step verification.  The “next” option where you allow eM to access gmail’s feature never shows up.  It almost look like the Sign In" button doesn’t do anything at all!

If I click on cancel a dialogbox says “Authentication process is not finished. Do you really want to cancel the process?”

Are you able to login to your gmails through Internet Explorer?

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The account works from any browsers, outlook, my android phone/tablet…  The problem is not with the account.