Unable to Log-on

As of yesterday, I started receiving the following error message when I logged-in to eM Client:

“Connection failed:
An attempt to connect to jw.helbron@verizon.net failed. This could be caused by temporary server unavailability or incorrect settings. Please check the settings or click on the warning symbol to try connecting again.”
When I go to “Settings>Password Protection>”, the password is automatically “tripled” of what I initially set as my 10-digit password! I’ve tried resetting numerous times and my password is automatically “trippled”!
Please advise as I can no longer send or receive emails!

If I elect to cancel the account and start over, can I assume that I’ll lose everthing (old emails, folders, etc.)?


It appears to me that you are having a problem with the Verizon account and not the Password Protected Startup.

Can you clarify?

I’ve attached my “Settings” window & it’s the same as when I first stated using eM Client. Up until yesterday, log-on was normal. Look over these settings & see if you see something out-of-order!


P.S. You didn’t answer my question on what happens to my data if it start-over?

Ooops! Forget to attach my file!

I purposely didn’t answer as you conflated “Password Protected Startup.” error and the “Connection failed…” error. I had no idea what you were attempting to convey to us.

Are you having a problem with Password Protected Startup or not?