Unable to load Outlook Express .dbx files

I have removed my old system disc running XP and replaced it with a Solid State Disk (SSD) on which I have installed Windows 7 Home Premium.
On my old system I setup Outlook Express (OE) to use my data disc E: to keep all the emails so I have a directory E:/Outlook Express which contains a .dbx file for each of my OE local folders.
I try to use the import in emclient function: select import from OE, tried to get it to locate the folder but it could not. Then used the “Use specific folder” and browsed to the E:/Outlook Express directory which is where the .dbx files are but it says no items match your search.
If I just use this directory it spends a long time copying? and when it finishes it has created local folders of the same names as my OE folders but these are empty. It has imported all my “Inbox, Sent, Deleted” emails and put them in its own local folders.
What am I doing wrong, please help.
Thanks, Barrie…