Unable to import Thunderbird data

I am using the portable Mozilla Thunderbird as default email client on Windows 10.
I tried to place entire Thunderbird folder into Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders with no success:

Are there other ways to import several accounst with numeros subfolers?

Start the import process here: MENU > FILES > IMPORT

Helli, sunriseal.
Thank you for the hint.
These steps brings me to the window on the screeshot in the initial post:

I guess that eMC cannot find a Thunderbird installation on your system.

Using my system as an example, this is what I see when I choose to import Thunderbird.


I’m using Windows 10 and eMC v9.1.2109.0

Yes, agree.
I am using portable version on Thunderbird.
This is definitely the reason.

Do you have any ideas of how to overcome it?
I am thinking about installing a regular Thunderbird version, importing data from portable versions, and then import itno eM Client.

Probably the best idea… of course most times I say that one of the other “helpers” in the forum will come up with a better idea :innocent:

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I’ve installed regulad TB, successfully imported portable TB folders and accouts.
Then run eM Client import and totally failed:

  1. eM Client made duplicate account and I could not distinguish original and imported.
  2. No emails imported.

I am shocked to be honest.

I believe (not sure though) that you already had an account setup in eMC. You then did your TB magic to change from TB portable to regular TB.
You then executed an import using the eMC option of “Import whole accounts”.

That appears to have caused the duplicate accounts’ problem.

You could remove both accounts in eMC and redo the import using the “Import Whole Accounts” option, which should theoretically resolve the problem.

Import completed.

  1. Yes, you are right: I had to delete from eM Client all accounts.
  2. Then I imported all accounts [Import whole account(s)] one by one. Importing all accounts at a time provides strange results (maybe, bc of TB).

Thanks for moral support )

Glad to hear the import completed.
I switched, originally, from TB and do not remember any problems… that was a number of years ago and only 1 account.

Be sure to do daily automatic eMC backups!!

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