Unable to get an activation key via email for a friend

I have a friend who has a hotmail.com address, but is unable to re-activate her licence. Every time she requests it from the website, although it states that an activation key has been sent to her address nothing ever comes through. This has been tried multiple times to no effect.

She needs to reactivate her account in order to use emclient continuously.

What type of licence is it? Free or Pro?
Have you tried here:

It’s a free licence that was originally installed over a month ago. The licence information apparently suddenly disappeared. She has applied for her activation key on the em client website, and each time it indicates that the activation key has been sent to her email account, but no email actually arrives, so she is unable to activate her account.

“She has applied for her activation key on the em client website”?

I suggest uninstall eMC and start again. The licence activation key comes in the form of an email to the address used when downloading and installing eMC.

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Perhaps a stupid question - have you looked in the SPAM/JUNK folder?

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We have reinstalled EM Client from scratch and checked her webmail account in both the inbox and all other folders including the spam folders - the message does not seem to be coming through from the em client website.

If the em client website at least displayed it on the request for a licence page we could copy it across, but that function is not available.

What operating system does your friend have on his/her PC?
How exactly have you re-installed eMC?
Where did you start - eMC website? Microsoft Store or somewhere else?
Have you tried here?
https://www.emclient.com (menu/support/Lost activation key) and if so what response did you get?

Windows 10 - EM Client was installed from their website and currently works fine under Demo conditions for the next 29 days. Nothing wrong with the installation - the only problem is getting access to the re-activation key, which does not appear to be coming through via email as indicated by the EM Client website.

lunes 07 septiembre 2020 :: 1354hrs (UTC +01:00)


I don’t know the the registration procedure involved with the FREE Demo as I use Pro, however, if EMC is working fine with 29 days until expiration - is it possible that you don’t need a FREE registration key until the end of this period?

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OK - when you click on menu/help/licence what does it show?

Try taking a screen-shot and put it on here.

Secondly, go to:

and request a free licence and see what happens. The link is right at the bottom of the screen.

@Russ may have hit the nail on the head. Maybe you installed eMC with a 30-day Pro licence that’s now expired. But I would have thought eMC should have asked if you wanted to continue with a free licence - unless you have more than two email accounts defined I guess.