Unable to finish archiving

Automatic archiving has been set on an employee’s laptop since her Gmail account is nearly filled (we’re looking to archive ~100k of her >200k messages). I’d guess it’s working fine (we remembered to set scope - a blue bar on the bottom-right fills up over and over while in the bottom-left, it shows “synchronizing messages” followed by a flash of “archiving manually”).

Whenever she takes the laptop home, however, there’s a disconnect event in between which seems to stop the process, which would be fine, except it seems to start over from the beginning as if nothing was archived. -Or maybe I’m making a bad assumption and it was never archiving to begin with. -Or maybe it is making progress after “pausing” but eM client doesn’t delete the files server-side until it’s completed its task?

Hello, what version of eM Client are you currently using on your server? Can you please specify the use case, when you move the computer from example your office space to home, how do you know the messages haven’t been removed so far, as far as I know the automatic archiving option should use the move command to move your items from the server to the archive folder, however it is possible all the messages are removed once the archiving is finished, to make sure items are not lost in case the archiving is cancelled or paused.


Note however, that when moving computer between networks, the application will lose the connection with the server and once it reconnects it is not possible to continue in the previous process or action as the connection has been terminated meanwhile.