Unable to find the send button when I open an email in my draft folder.

I saved an email yesterday to my Drafts but today when I want to send it I cannot find a Send button. What am I missing? Where do I find the send?

Are you by chance opening the draft from the Smartfolders draft folder?  You must open it from the actual account that it was created in.  If it was created on another device, then you must open it by right-clicking on the message and selecting forward/forward as original.  Please note that if you select forward as original, you will have to renter the recipient(s).

I am fairly new to EM Client and I am loving it but I don’t think I am opening it from the Smartfolders. I have attached a screen shot for you, maybe you can tell me if I am?  
I am using version 7.0.27943.0

You are correct, you are not opening it from the Smartfolders.  Was the email created on this computer, or another device?

This computer. As you can see, I see no “send” button. Makes me not want to save an email, lol. Thanks for your help so far…

If you your account is using Exchange, then it is a known problem which they have promised to fix in 7.1.  You might try the 7.1 beta to see if that solves the problem.  I have been using it for  a couple months and it is stable.

it’s an IMAP account but I will try grabbing the Beta and give it a try I think, Thanks for the help and quick responses, cheers. 

The Beta seems to have worked, I now have a send button.
Thank you, Jay, much appreciated, Cheers