Unable to edit some calendar events

I am using eM Client to display my Google calendar. I also use the same Google calendar on my Andorid phone.

If I create an event on my Android phone I am unable to edit the Summary text or the Start and End dates. If I crate the event in eM Client I can edit it at a later date just fine.

It seems that all the events that I am unable to edit have not only myself listed as an attendee but also someone else called “[email protected]” who I didn;t explicitly add.

Anyone know why this may be? It makes it impossible for me to use eM Client for the calendar.


It’s technically a Google bug, events created by Android have the calendar user specified as attendee of the event, but not as its organizer. However, we will try to workaround it for the upcoming version.

I thought that it was probably Android causing the problem because no other events had the unusual attendee.

Having said that you can still edit events in other clients such as Google’s web based client and the Outlook/Gysnc combination.

I hope you manage to find a workaround!