Unable to Edit Draft

Hi, just downloaded eM Client. Using the full 30-day trial on mac mini late 2012 macOS 10.15.7

I have two gmail accounts.

I created a reply (draft) to one of my emails, had to go to the browser to grab a link, when I came back to the draft, my cursor doesn’t show up. I’m unable to get back ‘into’ the draft to finish editing. I had to use my present email client to finish the task.

What I’ve done;
I closed eM Client and relaunched it… didn’t work.
Searched this forum couldn’t find any answers.

I’m open for any suggestions, I like this app a lot and I’m looking for a replacement for my current email client.
Thank you. Standing by.

Well, don’t this beat all. I just finished writing a draft and took a break and came back to finish it… a-batta-bing-a-batta-boom, the draft editor worked like a champ.

I’m wondering if I should delete this forum thread, as the problem 'went away by itself".

Anyhow, all is good…happy eM Client here. ٩(^ᴗ^)۶