Unable to download old emails

I am using the eM Client for my Gmail and Yahoo accounts; and also for transferring emails between them. I noticed in eM Client, I am unable to download the content for old emails (5+ years old) in some cases but not all. If I use the web interface of Gmail and Yahoo Mail, then I can see the content but in eM I only see the header information and not the actual content. Is there a way around this? 

By default, eM Client initially downloads only the header information.  It will download the entire message when you click on it.  Maybe there is a delay in the download due to internet latency, etc.

The best way to correct this is to have eM Client download the entire message at the initial download.  To do this, go to menu/tools/account and in the IMAP tab select “Download messages for offline use”.  Depending on the size of your database and internet speed, the initial download may take awhile.