Unable to Delete Some Messages in Drafts

I have 3 messages in Drafts folder that show unread. Unable to read or delete these messages. They were apparently part of a “conversation” since if I go to options and disable conversations, the messages are no longer shown. Re-enabling conversations brings them back into view. Note that these messages are not present in the online Drafts folder when I log into my gmail account online.

Read a previous suggestion to turn off conversations and run “dbRepair.exe” in the eMClient programs folder but that file does not seem to exist.

Any suggestions on how to get rid of them? I don’t have a recent backup so restoring a previous database is not really an option. Is there some reason eMClient isn’t syncing with GMail and deleting them when it syncs with the empty Drafts folder in my GMail account?

Thanks for any help!

Yes, DbRepair.exe is not part of version 8.

It may be a bit of database corruption. Right-click on the All Mail folder and choose Properties > Repair.

Hello Gary,

interesting. Please excuse my stupid question. Where can I find the “All Mail Folder”?

Hi. Thanks for the quick reply and suggestion. I tried the repair function on the All Mail folder but it didn’t change it. Still showing 3 messages in Drafts that cannot be changed in any way (e.g. can’t mark them unread, can’t flag them, can’t delete them).

Any other ideas to try? Would creating a backup and restoring it maybe clear anything or would it just create the same problem in the backup when it is created?

Thanks again!

A more aggressive method is to remove the Gmail account from eM Client, then add it again.

Just in case you still don’t find it, the All Mail folder is only for Gmail and GSuite accounts.

Hello Gary,

Thanks for your effort.

I was wondering why I can’t find “All E-Mail”. But I can’t find “All E-Mail” under my gmail account either. But that doesn’t matter, it’s only included if google has something to tell me :grinning:.

It’s called All Mail, and it may be that it is in the More folder, except if your account is setup as POP3, then you won’t have it at all.

Deletion and addition is what I had to resort to. Repair did not work.