Unable to create calanders within Em Client, but can from phone...

Hi. Generally loving Em Client - but confused over creation of calendars.

I can create them via the Calender app on my iphone and they then appear as expected within Em Client under my icloud account. But when I attempt to create a calender from within Em Client by right clicking on the account name and then inputting a name/colour/content type for the calendar, I get an error:

Creating folder failed with error: Server doesn’t support creating calendars in this location.

I’m only in demo mode at the moment - is this behaviour due to not having a full paid license?  This behaviour also occurs for a friend who has a free licence [using iMac with Mojave].  Many thanks for any pointers.    

[iMac, High Sierra 10.13.6, version 7.2.37965.0] 

Create an event by clicking on the New button (top left).

In the new event window, click on the calendar name in the bottom left to select the calendar where you want the event to be saved.

There is no difference between the Pro, Free and evaluation version in this respect.

Hi Gary

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately exactly the same things happens. Same dialogue, choose name, colour, content type, and then the error message.

Is this a subtle permissions error somewhere?  As it’s working via Apple’s own iCalender route.But odd that it’s happening on two systems with different OS versions.

Sorry, I misunderstood your question. You are asking about creating calendars  not events.

You get this error when you are trying to create a calendar as a sub-calendar of an existing calendar.

Rather select the top level folder.

Hi Gary

Thanks or replying again.

I am selecting the top level - the name of my account (with the triangle next to it) and also the same name in the calender creation dialogue.

I get same error message (as you’ve detailed).

But it’s weird because I DID create a calendar yesterday I’m sure inside eM.

So again, a mystery.

So is there no answer to this? I guess if I can just create calenders from my phone and everything else is fine, then it’s just a bug somewhere that stays a bug.

Yes Ben it should normally create the new calendar by right clicking on the email address account name (in the calendar) section of EMClient. However doesn’t allways work that way on certain IMAP severs. eg: On some friends of mine i had to create the new calendars via the “Server calendar webpage” and then close & open EMClient to show it.

Ps Testing the new V8 Beta EMClient (due out later in year), the creation of new calendars from within EMClient seems to work ok. So hopefully that will work for you in V8 for Mac.