Unable to create a new folder without ERROR (and a red "!" )

I tried to change the location of the eM Client-folder (from c: … to f: … - (first copied the whole eM Client-folder to f: …) then change the destinations under SETTINGS) After this there isn’t able to create new folders: Message: (Es ist ein Fehler aufgetreten der Ordner XXX konnte auf dem Server nicht erstellt werden - “ERROR - it is not able to create the new folder on server”. Each new folder is shown, but marked with a red " ! ". Mails in this folders were deleted when I tried to “repair” the folder. 
I re-destinated the settings to “c: …\eM Client”, but there is no posibilitiy to create a new folder without ERROR and red exclamation mark “!”
 - Before changing the destination HD creating of folders was ok. Please help me - thanks. 

Hi Gerd,

I’m not completely sure what you mean: you have moved the program files of eM Client from C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client to an external hard disk?

If yes, then that’s not advised to do.

Or did you move the data-directory of eM Client? Default directory is C:\Users<your username>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.

If you want to change the location of your data files, you will need to let eM Client know that by specifying it in tools > settings > storage.

Screen shot:

Thanks for your quick answer.
I did both, copying the complete folder to f: …\eM Client (second data-disk, internal) and cange the location of datafiles in “settings\storage” as described. (reason: lots of data filed HD c:)

But after my post I tried it again and saw in the German error-message an other part in english language: [QUOTA EXCEDED] - Now I think, there is a maximum of about 25 - 30 folders. Because of this occours the descriebed error message: “not able to create the new folder on server”". 

My next question: is this restriction only in the free version or in payed version too? Would buy the full version, if it works as I need it. I need some different folders for sorting my mails in folders -
i know, there are in free version only 2 mail-accounts possible.

Hi Gerd, If you’re seeing a red ! and the error message you’ve described this is not an eM Client issue but mostly a server issue, can you make a screenshot of the error messages you’re seeing?
eM Client’s free version only has a restriction for a number of accounts not the number of folders.

Thank you for understanding,