Unable to connect to iCloud calendar - "Server says "Unauthorized""

Hi there!

I’ve just moved from a Mac to a PC and have set up eM Client for my iCloud email. I use two-factor authentication and have created an app-specific password. My iCloud email works perfectly.

However, I cannot get eM Client to connect to my iCloud calendar. For the server settings, I have https://caldav.icloud.com/, and for the username and password, I have entered the same username and app-specific password that I have for email.

As I say, email is working perfectly, but for the calendar, all I get is the dialog box that says “Password required for CalDAV”. Re-entering the username and app-specific password doesn’t do anything, the “Password required” box just comes up, with the error "Server says “Unauthorised”.

I can’t see what I’m doing wrong here, but clearly I am! Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Adam,

This is the official guide for iCloud account setting: http://www.emclient.com/em-with-icloud. Please check that you have done everything right or try adding the account again.

If the error remains, send me please the CalDav logs from the iCloud account. You can allow them in Menu > Tools > Settings > Advanced. After that just close eM Client, reproduce the error and send me those logs to markosky@emclient.com.

Thank you.

I am having this same issue.  I create app specific password, the account starts to sync but quickly stops working and I keep getting the “unauthorized” error message.

I have 2 factor authentication on for the account which allows for app specific passwords.  However I don’t seem to have to/can’t authenticate the Windows machine… just use the password.  But this isn’t working.

What is the fix?

Same here, icloud email and contact sync with no problem but icloud Calendar does not sync

My em Client iCloud ‘account’ had been working fine for years - until two weeks ago when it stopped connecting: I get a “red-triangle-exclamation” icon next to the account with an error that says, “Connection failed”. Now like I said, this has been working fine for years, using an app-specific password. But trying to fix this, I have updated/changed the app-specific password (which appeared to be accepted before as well), and I even deleted and recreated the entire calendar ‘account’. I am running em Client version 7.2.38732.0, the calendar account appears to “login” successfully, the address was automatically created as https://caldav.icloud.com/.well-known/caldav using the default folder of Calendar/. I have enabled diagnostic logs for CalDAV, and am happy to send them along if that helps.