Unable to change default email client for Acrobat

eMail Client 6. Despite eMail Client correctly set-up as default email client in WIN 7, when sending Acrobat file as email attachment from within Acrobat, it still brings-up Outlook.

3-days and still no reply. I also emailed Mr. McGregor with no response. I cannot go further with my trial without solving this issue.  Please assist.  Thanks.

Hi Eric,

What happens if you send a PDF file from the Windows Explorer to an e-mail?

Is then eM Client started or also Outlook?

Maybe there is a setting in Adobe Acrobat which specifies which e-mail client will we opened when sending a PDF file by e-mail?

Maybe Acrobat doesn’t honor the default e-mail client (although I find this hard to believe)?

Hi Hans,

Sorry for the delay in responding.

eM Client does link with Microsoft products correctly.  I am able to send email from MS Word, etc.

I am not aware of any email setting in Acrobat and have already looked at the Adobe site for guidance. Acrobat does use default email client.

Any other ideas?  I find it hard to beleive others wouldn’t have issues as well.

Hi Eric,

I’m not using Adobe Acrobat, I’m using Nitro Pro to view PDF files, so I can not help you from personal experience :frowning:

I, likewise, am having the same problem.  When I try “attach to email” from Acrobat I get a Microsoft Outlook message stating the I need to create a MS Outlook profile.
Any suggestions?  I might be missing something, but I don’t believe that this problem has been solved?