Unable to block Junk (SPAM) emails

I keep getting emails in my Junk Folder from YANDEX.COM. I have added the email address and domain name in my Blacklist, but the 30+ emails keep coming every day. YANDEX is a Russian based service provider, so I wonder??

How can I block these emails?

Blacklisted email addresses by eMC are placed in the Junk Email folder normally.
What would you like eMC to do with them?

It is best to block these emails with your address provider…
With this method, they will no longer be transferred to eM Client

So…how do I tell GMAIL to block addresses?

Well, in my opinion, if I Blacklist an email address I do not want to ever see it again. So it should just not appear anywhere, including the Junk folder.

In the Gmail webmail interface, select the message and mark it as spam. As @Ekalb says, this is the best option. The server will also learn from that and similar messages may also be classed as spam in future.

The server spam folder is displayed in eM Client as the Junk E-mail folder. Your provider may have a retention policy on that folder, so in the case of Gmail, they automatically delete messages older than 30 days.

In eM Client version 9, we have a new feature to empty this folder on exit for messages over a specified age. So that may work better for you than the Gmail setting.

The reason why spam is not automatically deleted, is that occasionally ham may end up in that folder, and you may need to look for it there when the message you were expecting has not arrived after a few days.

If you don’t want the folder to sync with eM Client, you can disable it in the Gmail webmail settings.

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Thanks Gary for clarifying.

You should also be able to set a rule in gmail (at google), to delete any message that comes from domain Yandex.com .

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Amazing. My Spam/Junk folder was empty today. This fixed the flood. Thanks Steve

This Yandex mail server doesn’t sound good atm if spamming out. I wonder who owns that and where it’s located ?

@cyberzork, “In our home market, Russia, our share of all search traffic is 60.2% (Yandex.Radar, Q4 2021). We also operate in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.”

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@sunriseal Ah very interesting. Looks like it’s very widely used around the globe. Good info.

It is a legitimate company that offers some very useful functions other than mail hosting, or free email services just like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! etc. I use them to translate text within images, and they are better than most I have used.

Just because someone gets an email from a user with a specific email provider, doesn’t mean the whole domain should be blacklisted, or every email from that domain automatically deleted.

And implying that there is something underhanded because it is a Russian company, well that is just unfair. Probably better to leave your political bias at home guys. It is not welcome.

It appears to me to be a Russian company… I personally would put them in the Kaspersky category and would definitely avoid them.

Yes of course they are a legitimate company and have been around for many years as you said @Gary and @sunriseal above.

The only issue is I also have friends in two different countries where are also Google business customers and also getting miles of spam and shonky malware emails from different peeps at those Yandex servers (odd IP ranges) recently in the last 12 months and still are.

That’s why I queried who owned or looked after them to try and see why as normally that type of things gets sorted pretty quickly by most isp tech in-house staff and block those users.

I don’t have anything against Yandex mail servers or “any other” global servers at all and don’t get involved with political stuff like that as the mail servers are part of my own IT constant hobbie work left over from my lifetime and career.

I just concerned who’s looking after their mail servers currently to avoid spam and malware going out to peeps like in this thread and maybe to other eM Client peeps maybe too globally.

@Gary Yes I know this can happen with any global ISP and mail server as I’ve worked as lvl 3 tech support at major isps and if we are looking after those sort of mail spam activities going out constantly to unsuspecting peeps globally on any SMTP servers “within the ISP SMTP ranges” we normally do try and track those users down who a causing the issues and stop them otherwise alot of the non spamming / malware peeps at the same isps can all get blacklisted and they had nothing to do with the original spammer and then cannot send mail untill the original SMTP IP ranges are all unblocked. I had to deal with this only recently for another ISP who had this exact same issue.

I’ve also currently blocked and blacklisted these Yandex email addresses in the mailbox server filters as normal to avoid other eM Client users who I know getting anymore till all sorted. I’m sure Yandex mail server support can also help to find and block and spam sending users within their IP address ranges as its not hard to do.

Good Morning
I am having spam issues also. I have the above folder unchecked now so does that mean the spam mails will not show in emclient? My previous email would just leave them in gmail and didn’t download them at all. I notice when they download into emclient there are emails there that come from people I know. Gmail puts them in the inbox where they should be so I’m confused. I always used POP before this. Can I use POP with emclient?

You can no longer use eM Client with Gmail POP3 as they have disabled access (or will shortly).

But if the message has been moved to spam by the server, you will not get it in a POP3 setup.
That is where IMAP is more useful, as you can sync the folders from the server. So you see the server Spam folder as the Junk folder in eM Client.

Thanks Gary. I don’t like it in my client. I don’t need all those folders and stuff. I’m just little old me writing emails to friends etc.

Maybe I should look for a different email client.

Thanks for your speedy reply