Unable to authenticate to Exchange server

Latest eM Client (7.2.33438.0), MacOS 10.14, Exchange server with 2FA.

After configuring my account, the application keeps prompting for password.

Services: Exchange Web Services
Server: https://outlook.office365.com/EWS/Exchange.asmx

Tools->Operations is empty, no logs.
If I client Preferences the app crashes.

Outlook works fine, auth method is username and password.

For beta versions, please send your questions and comments to [email protected].

how do you know if you have a beta version? Why is so hard to get someone from the support team to respond to ALL of these issues. I see questions from 4 years ago with NO reply.

If you are using the Mac version, it is beta. Instructions were given when you downloaded the application of how to get assistance with beta versions.

Otherwise for Free versions you have this forum, or if you have a Pro License you can get VIP support directly from eM Client.