Hi - this is my first post.

As indicated above, I cannot add my Protonmail account to the client.

I keep getting error messages from both IMAP and SMTP, although the correct data has been input.

Is it possible to have step-by-step instructions on how to overcome this or is Protonmail incompatible with the client?


It seems that you need to use special software in order to do that: https://protonmail.com/bridge/

But it’s not guaranteed to work, see their FAQ here: https://protonmail.com/bridge/faq

Keep in mind that encryption–and that’s why you’re using ProtonMail in the first place, right?-- makes things more complicated.

Many thanks for the prompt response.

Yes, I am aware of the bridge software and tried using the parameters it provides - no luck.

What I don’t understand, however, is that about 2 years ago I could configure both Gmail as well as Protonmail in the client…(??).

Since it seems impossible to add PM, I may as well uninstall the client,

Anyhow, thanks again.

It seems that the emClient adds the domain to the username of the login - so if you have user@gmail.com where username = user the emClient adds “@domain.com” to the login which means the Login is now WRONG and you cannot login

I dont know why - but i wish emClient would not do this - its a great Application but this is not necessary - STOP IT

Hi Hannibal

Thanks for the response. Yes, I noticed that, too. I cannot understand the reasoning behind this…

Kubva pane zita rako, ndiri kuona kuti tinogona kunge tichibva kurufu rwenyika - ndinobva kuZimbabwe. Kwaziwai, hama yangu !!

Hi. Was anyone able to fix this? I’ve lost the ability to use protonmail on Postbox as well. Same problem. Thanks!

Hello everyone, even today, it is not possible to add Protonmail accounts to the EM client. Why?
Do I have to pay for the protonmail Bridge service to be able to add them?

Are there no other solutions?

is it indeed not possible to add a ProtonMail account without ProtonMail Bridge, as the ProtonMail server will not allow access via IMAP protocol for external apps any other way. This is a limit set by ProtonMail, not by us or any other app.