Unable to add contact from e-mail

In e-mail messages, if I hover my mouse pointer over an e-mail address, a context menu appears that provides buttons to send an e-mail to that address, or add it to contacts. I have been able to use the send feature flawlessly, but when I click on the add to contacts button, nothing happens.  The button highlights as I click it (as seen below in the pixelated screen capture), but that’s all.  The contact is not added, and no other dialogs pop up.

I am using Windows 7 Enterprise (fully updated with multiple current anti-virus measures deployed), and eM Client is working with a university-based GMail account. All other functions so far appear to be working normally. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is this a bug? Any advice you can offer would be appreciated.


I have a same problem

I have same problem.

If you chose a contact folder that is read-only, then it would not be saved. Can you try saving it to Local Folders, and see if there is any difference. If you can’t see Local Folders, you can enable them in Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Show Local Folders.