Umlaute äöüß

die deutschen Umlaute äöüß werden im Absender und Betreff nicht richtig angezeigt. Es steht dann �.
Kann ich das umstellen?

It is most probably improperly formatted. Contact the sender of the message and report him the problem.

Well, I have often the same problem.
Feiertagsgr��e means Feiertagsgrüße
fÃ1⁄4r Ihr STRATO Produkt in Höhe = für Ihr STRATO Product in Höhe

I have tried any settings in eM Client and getting to feel sorry that I bought your Product.
Please look into an improvement to use the ISO-8859-1 character set instead of UTF-8.

For verifiction tests you may contact me as testsite.


hi as a pro user you can use this support system you will have much faster response time there.

I am sorry for delayed answer, but free support forum has lower priority then paid support system and I did not expected user with paid license here.


Hi Jan,

I’m also a user who has paid for eM Client (even for a lifetime license).

I’m only reading (and replying on) this forum, because I think it’s the best if everyone (users of the paid and free versions of eM Client) knows what issues and what wishes there are and what the status of those issues/wishes is.

I assume the total group of users of the paid and free versions is bigger than the group of only the paid version…the bigger the group, the better the program gets used/tested, so the sooner we discover (and hopefully fix) issues.

By the way, I think using UTF-8 or UTF-16 should support most characters, so also the characters which German umlauts.

That is why we support our free users and listen to them too, of course we care about them too. But logically if someone pays for something and someone is using it for free then the person who pays should be server with more priority.

Not much software companies listen to all of their users like we do. Problem is that like with all software not all issues can be solved instantly, not all requests can be completed no matter how much their author think they are important or useful.

You alone are software developer so you must know that every software has some design and road map and to prevent major issues it has to be followed or if altered then only step by step.
eM Client is commercial product so we can’t afford doing anything extreme or dangerous to it.

I hope that you or any other user understand this :slight_smile:


EDIT: it might sound arrogant to send users who pays for license to other support system, but here on forum it can be easily forgotten, pro support has much better system and it is impossible to oversee any unresolved issue there.
They pay for better support anyway so I am trying to provide it to them.

It should, but there can be other issues preventing it. That is why we are asking for things we do. Step by step.


Any news whether this issue has been solved?

We have no exact ETA.