UI transfert bug: attachments are ignored when transfert is done from the mail list and not from the mail itself


When I do a transfert from the mail list (i.e. a right click on a mail in the frame B displayed in the screenshot) the transfert ignores (forget ?) to take into the attachments.

When I do it from the mail itself (i.e. left click on the arrow in the frame A displayed in the screenshot) the transfert is correct (attachments are taken into account).

Thanks for all and merry christmas.

PS : I’m using the version 7.2.36908.0 with Windows 10 (19.09) and the screenshot is not done after my client but the one on the website of emClient :slight_smile:

What do you mean by “transfert”?

Oups, as I’m not a native english speaker, I may have used an imprecise word.

By ‘transfert’ I mean ‘forward’ a mail.

Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce that. If I right-click on the header or the message in the list and choose Forward, I get the attachments.

The only time I don’t is when there is a conversation where the attachment icon is showing, but the attachment is not on the most recent message in the conversation. But that is correct because it is replying to the most recent message (which doesn’t have the attachment) even though the icon is there in message list.

Disable conversation in Menu > View > Conversations, and see if you can reproduce this.