Typing text next to images instead of only beneath.

I am trying to set up a customer email layout with a few images on the left hand side, but when i type next to the image, as is usual, it only allows me to type the one line and then the rest continues below the image. Is there any way to write all the text on the right of the image starting from the top of the image instead of just one line?

Thank you for your help in advance, this has been bugging me for a while now.

Try left or right-justifying the image itself.  The text should then reformat next to the image from the top.

Thank you very much. regretably I am not very tech zavy and have been trying to find a way to justify the image all morning including asking uncle google but I am having no luck. Would you have any tips or tricks on how to do this? does it matter what type of images i insert, since i created these in GIMP maybe the file type is not compatible?

Click on the image. Use whatever program you are in to align-left or align-right.  Close the image.  Text should now flow around it.  Alternatively, if that does not work, click next to but not on the image.  Use the program to left- or right-align.