type of license - assistance setting up

What type of license (recorded 13 July, 2015) do I actually have and how may I forward the license on my record as an attachment, if needed.
If I am correct in believing that the license is the pro version, how do I set up the program retaining my current ISP .
Please advise Thank you Helmut JH

Hello Helmut,

To my knowledge, there is only two types of licenses. A free license (no commercial  use, no more than  2 mail accounts, no support except this forum).   The second licence eM client Pro costs $59 USD (i believe) and is a lifetime license that gives you the 3 items excluded in the free license.

If you shelled out the money for the pro, then you can goto http://support.emclient.com/ in your browser and get special support.  You won’t have to attach a license, I would suspect, they can identify you by your email ID and know if you are ‘Pro’ licensed.

It doesn’t look like you can get phone support, But I am new and haven’t yet bought the pro license.  I live in North America, MST time zone.  And have received a couple of emails from sales, They arrive in the middle of the night, so if you are in my hemisphere, expect the same.  If in this hemisphere, I believe you are looking at a day turnaround.  I could very well be wrong.  Maybe, they run a 24/7 support phone/email support center, I just don’t get that feeling. 

I hope this helps,




Hello Helmut,
you have one PRO and one FREE license. Only the PRO license is currently activated.
If you ever forget/lose your key you can generate a reset email using our website: http://www.emclient.com/lost-activation-key
Or contact support, of course, and we will generate the message from our Licensing server for you.

As for your setting, the setup is the same no matter what account you use. You just activate the license key in Help>License section.