two users emails showing read

Two people. Two PC’s. Sharing ONE email account. Can we have “Read” and “Unread” emails independent of each other? Currently when one of us reads a email it shows as “Read” on the others PC’s eM Client even though it has not been read yet by the other. Creating a gap in communication between the both of us. My boss is prepared to buy us licenses with eM for all our email accounts…provided I can make our “Read” and “Unread” emails independent of each other. Thanks!

My current solution is just unchecking the boxes in settings that either have email “Show as read when open for X amount of seconds”…and unchecking box for “Show as read when opened in another window”…this of course simplifies things for my boss so he can be only one “Reading” emails but makes tracking my own “Read” and “Unread” emails a bit more difficult and nerve wracking due to the importance of the emails I receive and the needed timeliness of which I must respond.

That is the way IMAP works. It is specifically designed to sync the status of emails across all devices that share the single account.

One option is to use POP3 instead. That way whatever is marked as read on the one computer is not marked as read on the other devices.

The best option though is to have the email from that account forwarded to your individual accounts.

The down side with these options is that you will not share a Sent folder.

Oh wow. I never knew that was how IMAP works. This is a gmail biz email I linked through to eM so were not having to be in the browser. Im unsure if it can be set up as POP3. Ill have to take a peek at their settings. I guess maybe my next thing is to see if opening emails from my browser shows them as read in eM…though that may open me up to other issues. Looks like at worst Ill just have to track my opening emails more closely. Thank you for the clarification on that. I really do appreciate it! Good to know its a IMAP thing and not a eM thing so im not chasing my tail over here trying to find a different solution with other email clients.

If they have been marked as read in the web interface, they will be marked as read in eM Client IMAP folders as well.

All email accounts can be setup as POP3. In eM Client, instead of using Automatic Setup, you choose Mail > Other.

Then after entering your email address, you can select POP3.

One thing that is important if more than one email client is accessing a POP3 account, is that the individual clients do not delete the messages from the server. Otherwise client A will delete them after downloading, then client B will find no new messages.

This can be changed in the account settings (Menu > Tools > Accounts) on the POP3 tab. Below is the best setting for this scenario.

You also want to check the GMail settings in the web interface that messages are left in the inbox after being accessed by POP.