two suggestions

two suggestions
Hello eM Team, I’ve been working with the program for 2 months and I’m very pleased. It reduces the distractions of the open Broser surfaces considerably. I can concentrate better and work faster. Thanks for that.

Now two suggestions:

  1. Since I have saved my contacts with phone numbers, wouldn’t it be handy to be able to connect directly to the mobile phone (e.g. BT) and generate a direct dial from the eM contact for my mobile phone? That would be great. (e.g. as in MyPhoneExplorer

  2. After the telephone call, a window “Contents of the call / Appointment reminder” could be generated. (e.g. as in, used until 2009) Thank you for taking the time to consider these proposals.
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In regards to your first suggestion, maybe Google services could help; My eM Client contacts sync with GMail’s address book, which my mobile phone syncs to its phone contacts. This sync path is bi-directional.

The GMail bi-directional sync conduit aligns Contacts, Calendar and Tasks between my phone and eM Client.

Thanks for the answer.
My goal is to establish a direct connection between eM Contact and dialing the phone number on my Mobile Fon without having to search for a contact on my phone.

Oh, okay. That’s a great deal more sophisticated than I was expecting.

Okay, check out My Phone Explorer. Maybe something can be adapted.


thank you for the suggestion. Even though it’s truly specific request, I’ll add it to our feature request list.