Two Suggested Feature Improvements: Sending w/ Copy to Folder & Favorite Folders

I just installed eM Client ver 6 and think it is a very good email client. There are two new features I would like to propose to improve it even more. First, a way to mark mail folders as favorites and save them at the top of the mail folder list between the Smart Folders and the mail account folders OR place them on buttons that are located at the top of the screen immediately next to toolbar. This would permit the user to quickly open favorite folders and drag and drop mail messages to favorite folders without scrolling up and down the left folder control panel. Second, I would like a new send mail function to be developed called something like “Send and Copy” which would send new mail messages but then immediately display the mail folder list in a popup window for the user to copy the just sent message. This would save users that like to save all sent mail messages into their applicable folders from having to send mail, open the sent folder, select the message, and then right click and choose the “Copy to folder” function to file it. Alternately, this could be accomplished by mimicking the Thunderbird and Outlook features that permit the user to choose which folder to copy composed but unsent mail upon sending (in addition to the “Sent” folder). Thanks for your consideration.

I will switch to EM Client as soon as “copy sent to folder” option is introduced. No workaround yet?

Hi, you can setup a custom Rule, that will save a copy of every sent message into a selected folder, however automatic sorting based on a subject/recipient of the message to a wide scale of folders is not supported. You can however set such a rule for each recipient.


Hi Larry, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll make sure to consider improving this for future releases of eM Client.
Unfortunate favourite folders are not supported but you can setup a “Search folder”, if you have Smart folders enabled, you can right click any of the existing smart folder and select Display > Search folders.

Right click search folders and select “New search folder”, you can then setup the folder to search for messages in your existing account, these search folders will then be located on top along with other smart folders.

Hope this helps,

Search Folders is a decent work-around except that it does not display an unread count.

Actually, search folders do not work well with Gmail accounts. If you try to move a message out of a search folder, it won’t get moved. It will get linked into the destination folder, but it will not be moved out of the originating folder.