Two problems with eM Client in the Microsoft Store edition

I’ve installed eM Client from the MS Store because I find it convenient for keeping programs easily up-to-date… The only two issues I’ve encountered are:

  1. Pop-up and notifications in general show “eMClient.20054CA46072C_rq410mg92b554…” label (the UWP app real name) instead of expected “eM Client”, f.e.:

    Is there something I can edit in the registry to make notifications show a comprehensible “eM Client” instead? This should be fixed for the MS Store edition.

  2. “Send to > Mail recipient” context menu not working after installation.
    I’ve manually found a workaround for this one creating a shortcut in “shell:sendto” path, pointing to “%LocalAppdata%\Microsoft\WindowsApps\eMClientStore.exe”, but I still think this should be fixed for the MS Store edition.

News about point 1? Has the notification label issue been fixed in the UWP edition?