Two problems with eM Client in the Microsoft Store edition

I’ve installed eM Client from the MS Store because I find it convenient for keeping programs easily up-to-date… The only two issues I’ve encountered are:

  1. Pop-up and notifications in general show “eMClient.20054CA46072C_rq410mg92b554…” label (the UWP app real name) instead of expected “eM Client”, f.e.:

    Is there something I can edit in the registry to make notifications show a comprehensible “eM Client” instead? This should be fixed for the MS Store edition.

  2. “Send to > Mail recipient” context menu not working after installation.
    I’ve manually found a workaround for this one creating a shortcut in “shell:sendto” path, pointing to “%LocalAppdata%\Microsoft\WindowsApps\eMClientStore.exe”, but I still think this should be fixed for the MS Store edition.

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News about point 1? Has the notification label issue been fixed in the UWP edition?

So sad to see issue 1 for the UWP edition has never been fixed to date (28 Jun 2023) since Feb 2023 :pensive:

Some other MS Store apps do the same thing.

We are still investigating the issue and looking for some workaround though.


Hi @Gary - any word of an update on point 1 as reported by @hexaae? Is it likely we’ll see a fix for this in the Microsoft Store version of eM Client? I don’t see this notification behaviour exhibited by any other UWP apps I use.

Somewhat separately, are we likely to see any updates to the Microsoft Store version of eM Client in the near future? AFAICT according to the app’s release history, the Windows UWP app is 3 versions behind the Win32 app. Can we expect to receive these updates soon (I’m looking forward to the option to force spell-check when sending a message in particular), or does eM Client recommend customers use the Win 32 version over the UWP app?

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