Two paid licences upgrade to version 7 but you sent me same licence number.

I’m being asked to reactivate each time I open emclient. Please check your licences number. I have been dealing with two email adresses: and . Paid 19.95$ twice with visa and received one same licence number. Surely a mixed up. Thanks

Go to their licensing website at  You should have been sent login information with your license.  There it will tell you license information, including number of licenses.  They do issue single license numbers with multiple seats.

Thanks for your help Jay. Unfortunaltly they did’nt send me credentials. Went to your suggested address and tried to login with my email and password I use for emClient support but the info is not recognised. And they’re asking for a group name which I don’t know. So I’m still stuck.

Thanks anyway

The group is User.  Since you paid for the license, I would suggest using their pro support.  They are generally very quick to respond.

Go to and enter your email address. A copy of the original email with username, group, keys and new password will be sent to you.