Two old reminders always appear when EMClient starts. Have to minimize to continue.

Two reminders from Google calendar keep reappearing when EmClient starts up. Syncing Google calendar. I think maybe after I deleted an old  recurring event in the google calendar.  

Version 7.1.30794.0

Do have a screenshot but don’t know how to post it. 

I take it there is no dismiss option in the pop-up.

You can post your screenshot by clicking on the camera icon below when typing in this box.

Yes there is . Dismiss and snooze . When I select one nothing happens and the dialog window stays on screen. I have to minimize the window to  be able to use mail. Regards

This is the screenshot

And the little dismiss icon also doesn’t work?

Can you edit the reminders in eM Client or in Google Calendar?

No,  neither the dismiss or snooze icons or boxes work.

Is it just these two events that you can’t dismiss, or is it happening with all events?

If it is just these two I would suggest deleting and then recreating them.

They have been deleted and reminders still come up. 

Some things you can try:

  1. Search for the event in the calendar.
  2. Remove the account and add it again.
  3. Upgrade to the latest release of eM Client.

Upgraded to latest version and delete and readded account. No luck.
After some research I think the problem is related to a google calendar  sync issue. Same calendar seems to be  syncing twice. One copy of the sync is good and the other seems to be just those two reminders.  I have attached two screen shots of the expanded reminders (good and bad) The good has a folder of

The sync that shows folder internet calendars/gmailsrv is syncing  but also contains the two reminders that were deleted and show up when emclient starts. The other sync seems to be  working ok.

Did you at some time add an Internet Calendar?

You will see this in the Calendars Tab.

This is separate from your Google Calendar setup in your accounts, so you can go ahead and just delete it. Right-click on the calendar and choose Delete.

Yes I did add a calendar.  I don’t have a calendar tab  on the left of screen. Could it be because  I  am using the free version. Please see screenshot. Thanks for your assistance, it is much appreciated.

Right-click on the Tasks or Contacts Tab and tick Calendar.

Fixed. Gary thanks for your patience and support very much appreciated. Kind Regards