Two email account

I am using free version. I have configured two email account.
Y’day I remove one email account.
Now what happened is all my emails also got removed. Not able to see my email which I received in that account.
Kindly help me how to retrieve those email


please, specify more, what email servers/providers and protocols (IMAP/POP3) do you use and which were touched?

I’m not sure about Yahoo, but Gmail support both POP3 and IMAP. If you retrieve your mail using IMAP, your mail aren’t stored locally (it known as synchronising). As soon as you delete the relevant IMAP account your mail get deleted in eM Client, but still accessible in your IMAP mail provider. Unless you specify to delete the mail.

Can you please specify what outgoing and incoming servers do you use for the account? You can view this in menu Tools->Accounts, select the IMAP/SMTP tab after you click at your account at accounts list. The best would be to send me (or to ) screenshots of these settings.