two computers, one user; how many licenses?

Gateway desktop and Lenovo laptop - one man business.

Hi, eM Client has one license per computer policy so if you have two computers you need to purchase two licenses for each one.
You can use it on all profiles on your computer but the computer needs it’s own license.

Thank you for understanding,

I have a question,
I have only one computer but in case I uninstall eM Client, or if I do a fresh install of windows then I install eM Client again, may I reuse my PRO license?

Yes, you can, but before uninstalling and reinstalling on a new fresh install or new computer, remember to deactivate your license first in Help > License to avoid re-activation issues.

However you can also make the deactivation in our licensing system if you’re a PRO user using your licensing credentials received with your activation key.

Hope this helps.