Two company computers, one license


I am using a laptop and a desktop for my company, using eM on both. For the laptop I purchased the Pro-version, for my desktop I wanted to use the same key but that appearently did not work. Assuming I need a second key for my desktop?

Second: I was assuming the key I purchased is a lifetime-key, still the program says ‘Updates till 24-06-2014’. So how does that work?

Regards from Holland,


Unless your have select to purchase a ‘Lifetime license’ any regular Pro license are valid to use for life, but only 1-year period worth of free upgrade to newer version are allowed. Similar to the anti-virus/internet security program - The software would still work, but you’re no longer eligible to updates. Hope this clears the confusion.

So I need a second license for my computer. As I already purchased one license for my laptop, I cannot use the discount for multiple licenses. Is there any option I still can profit from the discount?


Contact me directly at [email protected] - I will discuss it with the rest of our team but I think we could offer you a discount.