Two account limit on free license with POP / Exchange duplicate

I discovered eM Client as a result of GoDaddy dumping its WorkSpace POP3 webmail offering, which I’ve been using as a GoDaddy customer since 1999, in favour of MS 365.
In those 22 years, I’ve used as my mail client everything from OE, Eudora, Outlook and for the past ten or so years, Thunderbird.
MS 365, or at least GoDaddy’s version of it, doesn’t play with Thunderbird, so I was stuck.
Spent weeks trying to find a solution. GoDaddy were no help (read: useless) and it was just by chance I found eMC. Love it, can’t believe I’d not heard of it earlier. I’m about a week into the 30 day trial.
But the problem was only half solved. I could only set up eMC as POP because GoDaddy’s IMAP (and Exchange) settings simply didn’t work. I searched for days/weeks and thousands of people seemed to have the same problem. So I set it up as POP and it worked, but I really want sync of course.
I also set up a GMail account so that used up my two accounts for the free license.
I’ve finally found a tortuous workaround for GoDaddy’s 365 / IMAP (Exchange) / eMC settings issue, so have set up an Exchange version of the original POP3 account I set up on my eMC.
Sorry that was so long, but the background has now ended. Here’s the questions:

  1. Have I blown my two-account limit for free license by having a GMail account and two versions, POP and Exchange, of the same email account on my desktop eMC?
  2. What I’d really like to do, and this would take me back to just two accounts because if I can do it I could then delete the POP account, is to ‘merge’ the Exchange version with the POP version - which had been running for some weeks before I figured out how to do the Exchange - meaning the POP version has emails in many folders, from Sent etc to personal folders, that the new Exchange version I’ve set up doesn’t have / can’t see.
    I can see that eMC stores folders en masse in a mail_data DAT file, so I can’t just merge the ‘same’ folder from the POP account to the Exchange.
    That’s it. Sorry, I know that was long, talk about TLDR, and even with all the explanation I don’t know if it’s clear, but if it is (Gary?!) I’d love some advice.
    Thanks very much,
    Jeremy Bird

During the 30 day evaluation period you can setup more that 2 email accounts.

But if you have already activated a Free License, you will need to move all the POP3 messages to Local Folders, then remove the POP3 account.

Once the Exchange account is setup, and you have just 2 accounts setup, move the messages from Local Folders to the Exchange account.

Thanks for replying.