Turning Off a Search Item

After several years of using eM Client, I have accidentally “broken” the Search function. I have used Search hundreds or thousands of times by selecting the folder I want to search (almost always All Inboxes or Sent), typing the term I want to search for in the search box in the upper right corner of the window, and clicking the magnifying glass icon.

Last week I wanted to search for messages from a specific sender. I clicked the carat at the right side of the Search box and then clicked Sender in the dropdown menu. A check mark appeared before the word Sender. The search worked fine, and I found the messages from the specified sender.

Since then, however, I have not figured out how to “unselect” Sender in the dropdown menu. The check mark stays there no matter what I do. I thought it might be a toggle - click to select and then click again to unselect. That does not seem to be the case. Every search I do now comes up with zero hits, because there is no sender matching the term I’m searching for.

How do I turn off the check mark for Sender? Help!

I tried this and it happened to me as well.
Before I selected SENDER I had the first SUBJECT line selected.
Seems like when you select SENDER it unselects SUBJECT.
I then reselected SUBJECT and it unselected SENDER.

I suspect that SUBJECT would not be the only setting that will turn SENDER off… just did not do further testing.

The items between the horizontal lines in the drop down (Sender, Subject, Body, etc.) may only have one at a time selected. Select something else such as Subject or Subject, sender, and recipients. I use the option that searches everything (Subject, sender, recipients, body, and attachments), but whichever suits your need.

I really struggled to see the horizontal lines when in DARK mode and could not see the second line to complete the grouping.
Really needs some developer attention if your theory is correct.

I cannot do dark mode. My eyes just can’t take it. I know some people like it, not me. Kinda hurts.

By the way, just for fun, I switched to dark. I see what you mean. The lines are barely distinguishable . Back to light Arctic for me…

Just the opposite for me… brightness is not my ally. Daylight driving requires sunglasses for me. Old age (80 is next in line) shows itself in many ways… sight being a major one.

As for the lines, they are ‘light black’ on “black”.

The options need a re-work to let the user know which group of options are linked and if 1 of those is checked the others in the group need to be greyed out… or something along that line.

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Thanks much for the tips to get my search working again. Have had house guests and just got back to this discussion. The key clue is, “The items between the horizontal lines in the drop down (Sender, Subject, Body, etc.) may only have one at a time selected.” No wonder my clicking on Sender multiple times didn’t remove it. I’ve chosen “Subject, sender and recipients” for the time being, and that works for most of my searches.

I tend to keep 1.5 to 2 years worth of messages in my Sent folder (currently about 5700), and I’m wondering if including" body" or “body and attachments” might result in an awful lot of searching. Haven’t tried it.

I’m quite impressed! Searched 5700 messages using both “body” and “body and attachments”. Fraction of a second for each. About 480 hits with “body” and 515 when “attachments” added.

@Jim22 - The search capability was one of the main reasons I chose to buy EMC. I have a lot of old email in various folders, and sometimes I need to check something from the way back when. The search works quite well and cleanly. I was on Thunderbird for a while, but I found its searching capability to be quite clunky.