Turned in Pro ticket recently. Have upgraded to lifetime updates but eMClient won't recognize activation key as valid for version 6.

Purchased two lifetime update licenses (actually two seats on same license). Downloaded version 6 and installed. Deactivated old license and entered new. eMClient insists the license isn’t valid for that version. How to resolve?

Additionally, why did eMClient wait until the day before my current Pro license expired to send the update info for version 6?

Hi, please use our pro support http://support.emclient.com/ or email [email protected]

I currently have not access to licensing to check this, but my colleague will be at the office in the morning again so he will answer you quickly.


It is now corrected. I had two pro licenses but purchased two seats under one license for the lifetime update. Appears to have confused the licensing system.

Thank you for informing me, I am now marking this as solved :slight_smile: