Turn off showing yesterdays events in agenda

How do I prevent the agenda view from showing yesterday’s events?

Hi Bobby.

There is no way to disable just the past events, sorry. I actually think that it is a useful feature, and posted an idea to have it improved, but according to an eM Client employee, it should not display past events. Of course we know that is not true, otherwise why would you ask this question. LOL!

Strange, that doesn’t happen for me!  
I’m on the latest build.

It only shows all-day events. My proposal was that it include all events from the previous day.

One could say ‘it is better to look forward rather than in the past’, but I like the idea, and it could be useful to show all events and tasks in ‘yesterday’.
But an option to configure would not be a bad idea.

I was just about to say the exact same thing!  Great place to add an option!