Turn off all notifications

Hello, how do I turn off all notifications? I have turned off all notifications in the settings menu but I still get a popup in the system tray. Thanks, Peter

Hello Peter,
could you perhaps post a screenshot of what your notification setting looks like now, please?


I have also tried to turn off all notifications, but why can’t reminders be turned off?

Did they bother to answer this question?

You can control whether or not calendar or tasks create reminders in the calendar or task item.  Therefore, disabling the notification would be redundant and potentially conflicting.

The reason why I wanted to be able to turn off calendar notifications was not that did not want notifications, but I did not want notifications from em-client. I wanted only notifications from the web based google calendar. It’s annoying to get the same notification twice. I cannot turn off notifications on the calendar or task item, because then I get no notification at all. I want notification, but just not from em Client.

And no, they did not bother to answer the question. So I have stopped using em Client…

I do understand your point, although I don’t really understand why it is important to get notifications directly from Gmail, but I’m sure you have valid reasons.

There are further reasons to swich notifications off at eMClient while having them on elsewhere

  1. I want to have notifications on my iPhone, but not so on my PC, so I have to turn them on in the calendar items, but would love to be able to generalle mute and not display them in eMClient

  2. eMClient notification popup window overwrite entries on the server (e.g. when I hide or snooze them), even if they have been changed before on the server (e.g. by another device)
    ( https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/calendar-reminders-overwrite-yet-updated-event-entries-on… )

Has this got a solution now? I use google calendar and I hare emclient bugging me with reminder notifications. I only want reminders to appear on my android devices, not on my PC (as my events have email AND notifications always ON in google calendar when I create them).

The only way I can see to do it is completely remove my calendar from emclient which is far from ideal



Hello, I’d like to add to this. I’d also like to have calendar notifications, but just not in Em Client, only on my phone. i’m getting double notifications now continuously + when i have been away from my computer and return to it i have to go through a whole list of ‘missed’ calendar events (not really missed, i was just not using Em client during that time). 
can you give an update on whether this is on the roadmap to add? considering to de-installing Em client because of this and going back to Thunderbird. 

This has always been there, at least as long as this thread has been running.

To turn off calendar notifications, right-click on the calendar and choose Properties , then untick Show reminders.