Turn off AirSync

Is there any way to turn AirSync off? MS in its infinite wisdom has decide to abandon LIVE June 30, 2016. If I delete LIVE what happens to the folders under it? Is there a safe way to proceed?

Do you want to change to eM Client?

If yes, I would install em Client and import the datas. In addition you shouldn’t lose datas because the aren’t saved in MS live, but in the server of your email provider. So MS live is only for picking up the mails of your email-account and for synchronising the datas with your email-account necessary.

Thanks. I think I will switch to eM client. I have already recommended it to my ex wife. I tried Thunderbird- no thanks.

Is there any way to turn off AirSync?


As Microsoft is also shutting down AirSync, you will need to perform the following: in a browser, login to your account at outlook.com. If your mailbox has been moved to the new Exchange format, the top left corner will show Outlook Mail. If your account hasn’t been migrated yet, it will show Outlook.com.

If it shows Outlook Mail, you need to set up your Hotmail/Outlook/Live account in eM client as an Exchange account. To do this, go to Mail>Exchange. Be aware that eM Client can take up to 5-10 minutes to obtain the server details this way.

If your account hasn’t been migrated yet, you need to connect through IMAP. Go to Mail>Other, enter “imap-mail.outlook.com” and port 993 in the incoming mail server settings and “smtp-mail.outlook.com” and port 587 in the outgoing server settings. Press ignore when the setup attempts to diagnose server status. After you’ve done that, go to IMAP tab in your account page and set your security policy to “Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)”, then navigate to the SMTP tab and set your security policy to “Force usage of SSL/TLS”.
Hope that helps.


My account hasn’t been migrated. For the life of me I cannot find MAIL. I have looked at both OUTLOOK.COM and EMCLIENT. Granted on EMCLIENT there is MAIL, but when I click on it nothing happens. Are your instructions for OUTLOOK or EMCLIENT? Is there an alternative? Can I attach a screenshot.