Trying to understand pricing options

I’m trying to understand the pricing options which are not well detailed.  Do I have the following correct? 

2 email addresses, free lifetime updates to current version, no version upgrades.

PRO $49.95 for one license: 
Unlimited email addresses, free lifetime updates to current version with annual fee (how much?), no version upgrades unless purchased (how much?).

LIFETIME $99.95 for one license: 
Unlimited email addresses, free lifetime updates to free lifetime version upgrades, no annual renewal fee (or is there and how much?).

You basically got it. With the Free License, while it does not include major version upgrades, when the next version comes out you can just get a free license for that version.

With the PRO license, you get 1 year of updates for that major version. If another major version comes out, you can upgrade to that at the current upgrade cost (which could feasibly be the normal price).

With the LIFETIME license, you get all upgrades for life, to include all major version releases.

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Thank you, and just a couple more questions to be sure I get it. :slight_smile:

Do updates include bug fixes and upgrades include new features?

If I had a free license and a new version came out, and I get a new free license for that new version, would I have to start from scratch setting up contacts, accounts and email folders or are all settings retained? 

(same question above going from Free license to Pro or Lifetime…are settings retained?)

If I had a license for PRO with updates for 1 year, what happens after 1 year?  Is there always an annual fee to maintain updates for a current version? 

Sounds like the most cost effective plan is the Lifetime license at a one-time-only purchase for life!

Minor version updates can include new features, but generally are not huge new features that you normally get with a major version release.

Upgrading to a new major version will not affect your contacts, accounts, etc.

Going from a FREE license to the others is just a matter of entering the correct Activation Key in the software. It does not affect your data.

I’m not sure if they have an option to purchase updates for the current version after the year runs out. In many cases, if you are going that route, it would probably just be cheaper to upgrade to the newest version.

The Lifetime license is the most cost effective.

*** Hint Hint: If you search the web, you can find a promotion code that knocks the cost down. ***

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Awesome information. THANK YOU!!! :smiley:

Hi Christine, although all above mentioned is correct, if you have further questions to the pricing options of eM client you can contact our sales department at

Thank you, let me know if you come across any questions or issues with the application, I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you, Paul!

No problem, if you have any questions or issue with the application, let us know as well, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

I’m interested in the Pro version. I have two laptops and one desktop that I use interchangeably. Do I have to purchase three licenses if I want to install the software on all three machines or will one license be sufficient (since I’m the only user and the accounts are all the same on the machines)?


Hi, yes we have a one license per computer policy, or “seat” per computer.
So essentially you have to purchase a license for every computer you want to use eM Client on.

If you have more questions about the pricing you can contacts our sales department at

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How do I know which promo codes are legitimate out there?

Hi, I believe if you follow the above advice and manage to find a discount code, when you enter the code the price should be reduced.


The main purchase page doesn’t include a field to enter a code.  That’s why I ask.  Once past that initial purchase page, will there be the opportunity to enter a code?  Sorry for such a silly question!!

PS:  Most of the coupons I’ve tried lead to the eM Client website, but they don’t apply the coupon/discount offered.  Most don’t have a code to enter - they just say “no coupon code required”.  Not sure what’s going on…

Hi, yes the option to enter the coupon code is after you select the number of licenses and upgrades.
Unfortunately I can not provide assistance to random coupons found on the internet, for more information about such coupon contact their reseller etc.

Thank you,