Trying to understand how eM Client and fruux can be the answer to prayer!!

I just downloaded eM Client 5 to demo it. I imported (fairly successfully) from Google email & calendar and Outlook 2010 email, calendar & contacts. OS is Win 7. I found eM Client because I was looking for a sync solution for Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, and email that was device/OS independent and I happened onto fruux. I’ve signed up for fruux also. Now I’m trying to figure out how the two can work together. My goal is to sync these functions on 3 desktops & a laptop (all Win 7), my iPhone 5, and iPad 3.
I’ve read the website material, searched the forum here, Googled eM Client and fruux for reviews and comments and I’m still baffled about how they work together and if this combo can be the solution I’m searching for. Can someone point me to a couple of real life use cases, or give me more of a conceptual explanation for the functionality here. I’m pretty tech-saavy (as in the “how to”); it’s the what and why that’s escaping me here. thanks in advance for any assistance.

I cannot share any detailed info because I do not use Fruux every day, but I tested it and everything synchronized OK. By everything, I mean all the basic features that every Calendar, Contacts, Tasks service has.

Notes are not supported in eM Client at the moment.

>>Notes are not supported in eM Client at the moment.<<
Does that mean that Notes functionality is on the short To Do list for eM Client?? That would be awesome to have soon.


Yes, we are working on implementation of Evernote into eM Client.