Trying to switch from Microsoft Windows Mail in Vista to eM Client in Windows 10

I have been using Microsoft Windows Mail (MW M) for years. Just got new PC with Windows 10 and do not like the system email program. Trying eM Client. Is there any way to get eM Client to act like MW Mail? I liked that MW Mail would download my emails to the PC and not do anything to the Gmail account (delete emails, etc). I notice that whatever I do in eM client is done to my Gmail account on line.  Can I stop that from happening?  Thanks

You can setup your gmail account as POP3, rather than IMAP. POP3 just downloads new emails and does not affect the server at all, whereas IMAP synchronizes with the server.

You will need to set up a new account for GMAIL POP3. Don’t use the automatic setup, instead click on Mail and then other. Enter the POP3 information (you can get this from your gmail webmail). make sure your gmail account is setup to allow POP3 (settings in the web interface).