Trying to check mail, opens up Google to sign in there to access Em Client???

When I try to check email on Em Client, it opens a Google page for me to choose my account from there to check it???  Then if I select my account, it asks me to grant Em Client access to all my Gmail functions, and then I get a message that says “Developer infoEmail:
Choosing an account will redirect you back to the application”
I’m nervous and confused!

Yes, this is for the Oauth security for your Gmail account. You need to give permission for eM Client to access your account, otherwise it cannot connect to download your email. You only need to do this once.

OK thank you

I gave permission, but eM Client shows "Password required for (my Gmail account)
“This may take a while to complete.  Please be patient.”

Well, it’s been almost an hour, and still spinning.

I think it may be waiting for your interaction in your web browser. What usually happens is it opens your browser where you need to login to your Gmail account, and then the certificate will be passed back to eM Client.

There have been cases where it doesn’t open the browser because the browser is not correctly configured as default in Windows settings. You can try change the default browser in Windows settings and see if that helps.

Before 3 days ago, I think this statement: “You only need to do this once.” was true.  But now, it’s happening several times a day.  Every single time, it works, accepts my Google password, and I get a “Security alert” email from Google notifying me that I gave permission to eM Client to access my email.  But then it comes back a few hours or a day later and asks again.  This is a new issue.  See this other topic:

eM Client has been having issues with Google for some time, so this may be related. Did you contact Google yet?

Excuse me! if “eM Client has been having issues with Google for some time” then eM client should be contacting Google.

And, “You only need to do this once” is definitely not true - it’s more like every time I open the program.

Please read official announcements on this forum about the ongoing issues with Google and how it is being resolved.

Oauth only requires you to enter your password once. That is it’s purpose. If it is malfunctioning, whether on the server or the client, that is unusual,

“read official announcements on this forum about the ongoing issues with Google”

Actually, I did go to Google and found a message in the “We keep your account protected The Security Checkup gives you personalized recommendations to secure your account” area of my account. I tended to that and (hopefully) eM client is now behaving.

ETA - spoke too soon.  :frowning: