Trying to change email from a gmail account to another IMAP without losing old emails. Please help!

My ISP changed servers from gmail to another IMAP today. I am trying to save all my OLD (ahem… current, LOL) emails in the process. I changed the settings, but continue to get a pop up from (the old) gmail trying to authenticate- when I click send/receive for new emails. No new emails are coming thru either (with EMClient) - although I can get them on webmail and my cell phone now. I checked with my ISP and they are stumped & not familiar with EMClient. I don’t want to start a new account and lose all my old emails. Please help! Thank you…

Hello, if your server has been migrated you should be able to re-setup the account using automatic setup in eM Client and if your emails are still available on the server (e.g. have been transferred by your ISP), eM Client should automatically download all the items from the server.

But if no items are available on the server, you can setup a second account using your credentials with the new server, and copy/move your items from one account to another.

Hope this helps.