Trying to attach a file to an email

i use a file directory management program called FileCenter.  When I used Outlook, and I wanted to attach a file to an email, I hit the attach button and I’m  immediately directed to my FileCenter program which presents all my directories from which I can select the file I want to attach.  HOWEVER with EM, I am directed to the “Documents” folder which I never use.  Q1: How can I set up EM to open “Filecenter.exe” every time I want to attach a file OR Q2: if I can’t do that–have eM send me to my “C:\Data” folder?

Hi Anthony,
the Attachment button should usually open the location from which you imported the last attachment. Unfortunately it can’t open the FileCenter for you, but it should be able to navigate to the C:\Data folder once you send out an email with an attachment to someone.