Try to open the calender, the program crashes... Any Ideas?

Looks like a leap year issue. I had same issue, changed system date to 28th Feb and all OK, changed to 1st Mar and all OK, changed to 29th Feb and tried to open calendar and it crashes. I have local calendar and link to Goggle Calendar, not sure which of these (if not both) is the issue. Waiting for a solution …

Hi, same things happened to me. No idea yet.

Hi Nick!

Jeeez,  you are right!!!

Its because it’s the feb 29th !! :slight_smile:

I changed the systemdate for the 28th and it works again!!

Thanks alot!!


there is a bug in the month view of the program that manifested with the leap year.
This update should fix the issue:…


Perform the following steps.
Exit eM.
Set your system date to February 28.
Start eM.
GO to Calendar and select ANY view except Month view. I prefer Week view.
GO back to mail.
Exit eM.
Reset system date to February 29.
Start eM.
Everything should work but do NOT go to Month view. It will immediately experience an application error.
Hope this helps.