Truncated email body problem

I’ve been seeing an intermittent issue using emClient where sometimes the body of an email is truncated. This is not limited to partiularly large emails…

If I then logon to the mail server with web interface and forward the problematic email it will then display correctly (although this could be a co-incidence as the problem is quite intermittent).

Anyone else seeing this type of problem and if so any ideas how to resolve it ?

BTW, I thought this may be related to the current spate of IMAP issues with BT Yahoo servers but I’m now using the Yahoo servers directly and still got a truncated email today…

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I think I have a similar problem: the end of an e-mail (coming from an Exchange server) is not visible. When I hit “forward” I can see the whole text in the text to be forwarded. I can see the whole text aslo if I hit “reply”. If I actually forward the message to myself, and receive it, the text is again truncated. This happens regardless of whether I sent to or receive from Exchange server or Gmail.

It appears that in some cases the text is also truncated vertically. Attaching a screenshot where it is visible - the first characters of the line are cut. No scrolling is possible. The above ‘forward’ and ‘reply’ situation applies here as well.

The reason why forward or reply fixes it, is because it reloads the content from the server.

You can do that for the whole folder by right-click on the folder (say Inbox) and choosing Properties > Repair. That will force a resync with the server. If it is a Gmail or Gsuite account, you want to right-click on the All Mail folder instead of the folder where the message is.

Also, make sure your eM Client installation is updated by downloading and installing the latest version available in the Release History.

Thank you Gary for the reply. I followed the steps, but it did not cahnge anything. The text is still missing. I have the latest updates.

I have been having the same issue. Certain clients of mine are reaching out saying my messages are truncated and when they click to open it doesn’t carry the past threads, only the new message. It’s been an ongoing issue that now is putting a strain on my business as its frustrating for clients. If I email directly from web gmail it doesn’t happen only through EMClient. I’m updated with latest updates and have repaired but still getting truncated. Anything else we can do Gary? Thank you for helping.

As a Pro License user, it might be better for you to take advantage of the VIP Support option and open a support ticket directly with eM Client.

I too am experiencing the same problem. Some messages are truncated: as little as the first 20% shows. There’s no obvious reason. It’s not all messages from specific senders, just some messages, apparently at random.

In my case I get a particular email which regularly shows the issue. I can then access my mail directly on the server with a web browser client, forward the email to myself again and it may (or may not) get truncated.  The body is actually an HTML  table - for example this is what you see in the body when it’s truncated:



And the one that isn’t truncated:



It’s really, really annoying !!!

Ok, my boss and I have the same problem. He used Outlook and I used Thunderbird and we moved to EmClient together. Then after some months, I preferred to come back to Thunderbird, the new 78 release. Then we started having problems. Often my emails, when I forward them to him, are truncated. He checked on Gmail, and my emails are ok. Then he downloads them via emClient and he finds them truncated. He can see only my message and nothing of the forwarded email underneath in the body.
Any ideas?