Trouble with time zones when making a new event.

I have the 7.1.32792.0 version of EM Client, and whenever I make an event or an appointment I choose the (-6) time zone (for Monterrey) and place the time of the event, it all works fine until then. For example, I made an event today to be at 3PM (-6 Time zone)

The problem is that of the two people invited to this appointments, one is from Coahuila (the appointment shows up right) and the other one is on USA and the appointment shows up one hour ahead from us. I’m not sure how to describe it…

One of the attendees lives in USA in a diferent time zone and the event appears on their calendar at 3PM of their time zone, but that is one hour ahead of my time zone. I’m not sure if I’m describing my problem here, english is not my first language.

If the meeting is placed to be at 3PM (-6) it appears on USA as 3PM (-5) and that’s one hour ahead of ours. The attendee from USA has to wait an entire hour for us to show up, it should appear at 4PM to the people from USA in order to be at 3pm in Mexico.

I can’t seem to find a fix for this, can someone guide me? Sorry if the problem isn’t clear.

Hi Aurora,

eM Client uses timezones set in the system. Is it possible that your colleague has wrongly set timezone in his Win system?


I would have to verify. Thank you, I’ll let you know.