Trouble with Importing from outlook & setting up Email account.

Hi Guys, 

I started using eM client and found it really amazing. Was trying to import .pst from outlook but got stuck. Below are the steps. 

  1. Install eM client
  2. Open eM Client. 
  3. It shows local folder. 
  4. From menu, choose import. 
  5. Select outlook and select the option to choose folders. 
  6. Next screen shows the list of all the folders. I select all and start the import. 
  7. Created a new folder inside local folder by the name (XYZ mail)
  8. Select this folder to copy all the mail from outlook pst. I selected the option to copy configuration. 
  9. Once the import is over, all the folders i created in outlook are shown in eM client.
  10. Now how do i configure my email on eM client and link to this new folder? 
  11. When i try to add a new account, it creates a new folder along with local folder and downloads all the mail again. 
  12. Please suggest what am i doing wrong. 

Hello Ravi,

In this case when your data is stored on server, you can skip the import from Outlook and just configure the account in Menu > Tools > Accounts. All your data will be then pulled automatically to eM Client. Configuring the account and importing all folders just creates duplicates as you experienced - you can still use it for importing folders that were stored locally if you have such folders.